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  • 19th Hole Golf Getaways
  • 1bag1match Company
  • 1st Football Gifts
  • 2 A D
  • 381 Pro
  • 3b S.r.o.
  • 3e60 Srl
  • A D Products
  • Adamso
  • Advance Sourcing
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  • Afc Wimbledon
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  • Al Haram Plastics
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  • Bags Direct International
  • Battleaxe (sports-bag Ltd)
  • Belfast Giants Ice Hockey
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  • Biggleswade United Football Club
  • Binaz Ltd
  • Biscuit Game Revolution
  • Bishops Stortford Rugby Club
  • Black Lion Swimming Club
  • Blackpool Illuminations
  • Bluebridge Investments
  • Bmr Import 06
  • Bobby Moore Fund
  • Bodyvive
  • Bonusaplauso, Lda
  • Bp Oil Limited
  • Bracknell Bees Ice Hockey
  • Bradleys
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  • Youth Sports Federation Of Nigeria
  • Zeta Fashion
Speakers Already Confirmed

Exhibition News

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New speaker announcement...Chris Lightfoot will be joining our seminar line up!

Chris Lightfoot from Whitestone International has now been confirmed to speak at this year's show.

Chris will be speaking on 'Brands built on social value deliver greater commercial value'; Shifting social, economic and environmental challenges are forcing organisations to change the way they do business and consumers today are demanding more from brands. Chris Lightfoot from Whitestone International discusses how the true purpose and value of a brand is its continued influence beyond the product and how sports brands are well placed to capitalise on this.

Chris has 30 years experience working with leaders of iconic sports and non-sports businesses such as FIFA, IAAF, ECB, Manchester City Football Club, Adidas, Aegon, OneWorld, Volvo, Mobil, Bic and numerous others.

He formed Whitestone International in 2000, after 10 years as a director of Interbrad, to focus on building sports ‘brands’ as holistic commercial assets designed to meet both hard and soft business targets. 

Specific to his and Whitestone’s approach is enhancing sporting value and revenue through integrated strategic and creative thinking that unites stakeholders around common goals, creates emotive connections with fans, builds value in intellectual property rights and supports commercial and sponsorship sales. In other words, improving the sporting experience to advance sports business. 

Chris currently sits on the board of directors for R4UK and is a former director of British Universities & College Sports and Coolbrands council member.

If you want to catch Chris speaking at SMMEX on Tuesday 16th February, then don’t forget to register for your FREE tickets online now by clicking on the tab on our homepage.

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Daniel McGeehan from CPLG will be holding two seminar session at this year's show!

Daniel McGeehan from CPLG will be holding two seminar session at this year’s show. CPLG build brands in the licensing business aiming for long term relationships. For almost 40 years CPLG have been making it their business to connect the best brands with the best partners. They believe that partnership is about clarity, openness and trust.

Daniel will be speaking on:

‘Enhancing Brand Image through Partnership: RFU Case Study’ - The RFU and CPLG’s 16 year partnership is one of the longest standing in sports licensing, and together they have grown the programme from humble beginnings to one of the biggest and best in the industry. Following an exceptionally strong year at retail, in which over a million units of licensed apparel and gifting were sold on the high street and at Twickenham stadium, they will demonstrate how collaboration and flexibility can help build an appealing lifestyle brand image for the whole family. 

‘Golden Rules of Sport Licensing’ - In the Golden Rules seminar, CPLG will present their experiences in the world of sports licensing this year - including England’s hosting of the Rugby World Cup, The Open golf championship at St Andrews Links, and West Ham United’s farewell to the Boleyn Ground. They will be sharing their hints and tips on how to achieve success at retail, and how to ensure fan product and experiences creatively evolve with the ever changing UK market.

If you want to catch these seminar sessions then don’t forget to register for your FREE tickers now online.


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Michael Cole from TrueGold Communications confirmed to speak at SMMEX!

Michael Cole from TrueGold Communications will be holding a seminar session on 'Beyond Brand Association', a critical assessment of how corporates should be considering their sport sponsorship, so that true return on investment is more than just brand awareness, and exploring their means of impact assessment and measurement.

TrueGold Communications is a specialist consultancy delivering real practitioner marketing and communications expertise to assist corporations and organisations seeking a podium performance in sponsorship and sport.

Co-founders Sarah Farrar and Michael Cole, provide a specialist 360 service, incorporating high quality strategic advice, strategy implementation and post sponsorship/campaign evaluation.  Sarah and Michael have more than 40 years’ experience between them in marketing, sponsorship and PR for: brands; rights holders; governing bodies and event organisers. 

Michael, formerly the London 2012 Marketing and Communications Director for BT Global Services, was responsible for activating BT Global Services’ highly successful London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games marketing campaign worldwide, as well as being responsible for all operational and crisis communications across BT’s highly acclaimed London 2012 Delivery programme. 

TrueGold Communications is uniquely positioned to provide first class marketing, PR and sponsorship advice to its clients with each project. Our extensive corporate experience as well as emphasis on major sports sponsorships and global events us to provide fully integrated marketing solutions for TrueGold's clients across a range of services including;

  • Strategic sponsorship strategy and planning 
  • Programme evaluation and ROI assessment
  • Sponsorship rights audit and evaluation         
  • Corporate and Operational communications planning 
  • Detailed marketing operations planning, including hospitality programming and budget management
  • New business planning, sales enablement and client engagement activation 

To catch Michael speaking on Monday 15th February apply for your FREE tickets now online.

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Clement Fraceschini of Insight Licensing Services speaking at SMMEX

This year as a part of SMMEX’s bigger and better seminar programme we have Clement Fraceschini of Insight Licensing Services speaking for us. Clement will be speaking on ‘Royalties, Audits and the Finance of Licensing’. 

Insight Licensing Services Inc. is a global consulting firm that specializes in Licensing Management Consulting. We help our clients maximize the value obtained from their intellectual property rights. We believe that a structured licensing management program is needed to improve revenue streams, manage risk and secure licensee compliance. We have worked with many clients to maximize their revenue from their Intellectual Property, Licensing and Contractual arrangements. Approximately ninety percent of the licensing compliance examinations and audits we performed have identified underreported or misreported royalties due to accounting, clerical and/or contractual interpretation issues. Therefore, our examinations tend to be a self-financing exercise, as well as a best business practice. Our firm has Partners located in Los Angeles, London, Paris and Hong Kong and various seasoned and experienced staff throughout all regions. Our Partners and staff bring a deep knowledge of the Licensing industry within various sectors including Entertainment & Media, Fashion, Sports, Toys, Apparel, Video Games, Music, and Publishing.

If you want to catch Clement speaking then please come along to the show, his semianr will take place on Monday 15th February at 14,00 - 14,45. To register for FREE tickets just press the icon at the top of the screen on our homepage.


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New speaker announcement; Jackie Fast will be joining our seminar line up!

Jackie Fast of Slingshot Sponsorship will be speaking at this year's show on, 'Sponsorship Roulette: Why Playing by Old Rules is Leaving Your Success to Chance'.

Jackie is the Founder of Slingshot Sponsorship – an independent and strategic sponsorship sales agency based in Central London with offices worldwide. Launched with the belief that sponsorship has evolved and now has the ability to truly transform businesses, Slingshot has successfully taken their strategic commercial framework and applied it to the world’s leading brands who want to take their investment beyond eyeballs and awareness.

Recognising that the shift in marketing and impact of the recession has created an opportunity for brands and rights holders to capitalise, Jackie has gone against convention and developed a bespoke commercialisation framework for the sponsorship industry that supports how to successfully deliver results in today’s changing landscape.

With innovation residing at the forefront of everything Slingshot does, this has led to the development of a sponsorship module with Soho Group and General Assembly – known for their network of innovative entrepreneurs. In addition, Jackie is a regular keynote speaker within the UK and has spoken at global sponsorship conventions in Europe, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and throughout North America.

Jackie is also a Non-Executive Board Director of the European Sponsorship Association, one of the youngest Board Directors in the association’s history. Her primary responsibliity on the board is Chairman of the ESA Excellance Awards Committee.

Over its 4 years of existence, Slingshot Sponsorship has grown to work across numerous verticals with clients ranging from grass roots charities, leading FTSE 100 companies, global music artists, startups and entrepreneuers. Some of Slingshot’s clients have including the Mayor of London, GB Taekwondo, Spotify, Bloodhound, Marks & Spencer, Universal Music, Haymarket Consumer Publishing, Renault, Wales Rally GB, E.ON, and Shell – all with the desire to take sponsorship farther.

Jackie will be speaking at 14,00 - 14,45 on Monday 15th February, so dont forget to apply for your FREE tickets now! 

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Top 10 UK Sport Blogs to Watch Out in 2016

If you’re attending SMMEX International you will surely be on the lookout for the latest and greatest marketing methods in sports merchandise. 

One successful strategy we want to share with you is blogger review campaigns. Many brands have benefitted from sports blogger outreach in the past, including such big names as Adidas, Arsenal, and PUMA, to name just a few. 

Reaching out to bloggers has many benefits, including spreading word of mouth, discovering a new audience, improving your SEO, and gaining credibility. Research what kind of blogs your audience is likely to visit and start making connections! To help you get started, we have compiled a list of 10 best and diverse sports blogs in the UK:

1.Anfield HQ
Winner of Best New Blog at the 2014 Football Blog Awards (Fans’ Choice), Anfield HQ offers anything a football fan may desire, including previews, fan articles, and podcasts. 

2.Perfect Tennis
Whether you’re gearing up for Wimbledon and the US Open, or simply want to check in on the latest Federer news, Perfect Tennis has something for everyone. This blog boasts substantive coverage of tennis tournaments around the world and with fun extra features like Fan Stories and a live chat for visitors. 

3.Caught Offside
A veteran professional blog, Caught Offside offers daily updates, replays, and more.

4.Cricket with Balls
What’s a list of best UK blogs without a few cricket sites? Ranked among the UK’s most popular sports, it’s not surprising cricket has its own niche on the blogosphere. Visit Cricket with Balls for an especially great resource for irreverent, witty commentary on the game.

5.LOVE Tennis Blog
Steady updates of tennis news and results are mixed with tips for mastering your own technique, making this tennis blog stand out from the crowd. 

6.Blood and Mud
This aptly named rugby blog offers an often humorous look at the world of rugby, with news, features, videos, and even a fun and games section, offering such amusing tidbits as the Rugby Lexicon

7.Inside Snooker
Boasting snooker news 24/7, this blog has a pleasant, crisp layout that works well with its straightforward coverage on the news and developments of the snooker world. 

8.The Liver Bird
Another entry from the Best Football Blog Awards, The Liver Bird is a veteran blog for Liverpool fans, offering in-depth looks at the games with regular updates.  

9.King Cricket
Another popular cricket blog, King Cricket is a reviews and discussion hub. The links to cricket ticket pages are a cool bonus for fans.  

10.London Cyclist
The one stop blog for all your burning cycling questions. A more traditional blog for enthusiasts, London Cyclist offers plenty of tips and tricks for cycling in London, rather than following the professional cycling world. 

Are you interested in launching your campaign with bloggers? BlogsRelease is the #1 PR marketplace for brands to post blogger review campaigns for products, events, and news. 


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We speak to SMMEX 2016 Speaker Vivian Nutt from the WWF

We recently spoke to Vivian Nutt from the WWF. “I’m super excited to take on the role as Head of Licensing & Retail at WWF after ten years of experience within the charity sector, working at Diabetes UK and Breast Cancer Care”, she said.

She went on to say “My first objective, when I joined in July, was to develop a new strategy and business plan - challenging at times, but also very exciting as it was a great opportunity to create something new and wonderful.

Being sustainable doesn’t mean that products have to be inferior. In fact I believe that WWF and our licensees can produce the most gorgeous desirable product with the highest sustainable and environmental criteria.

Licensing with WWF is definitely a challenge for suppliers but one that many really buy into, put simply, we provide the ‘green eco badge’ that is recognised worldwide*.

It’s not surprising that we’ve been listed as the most respected and trusted brand out of 555 brands in the world (Brand Desire Report 2012 asking 22,000 people in 6 counties and 4 continents). But it’s not just us championing this cause – it’s also the retailers and consumers that want to make environmentally friendly choices.

Consumers, have a great feeling knowing that the products and gifts they’ve purchased have been produced in the kindest way to protect our wonderful world. Let’s start to build a future where humans live in harmony with nature!”

Vivian is part of our Seminar Programme at this years SMMEX 2016.

Vivian said; “I’m looking forward to being part of the round table to talk and answer questions about how the WWF logo can enhance your product along with your sustainability credibility – I look forward to seeing you all!”.

*WWF is the world’s leading environmental organisation with 98% global recognition, working in more than 100 countries and a charity dependent upon its 5 million supporters.

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Priority SMS help businesses and organisations market themselves and their product

Priority SMS is one of the UK’s biggest text message marketing companies. Priority SMS help businesses and organisations market themselves, their product, customer services or appointments, via the SMS (text) medium.  Unlike other competitors, Priority SMS offers many bespoke packages, always after meeting our clients face to face. 

With a text being read within 2 seconds, and 98% of text messages being opened, any sporting organisation who want to promote, retain/grow their business or simply enhance their customer service can harness the power of priority SMS. Most marketing emails go unread, postal campaigns can be costly/ineffective and telemarketing can be considered intrusive. SMS is a far more cost effective solution compared to traditional marketing approaches and is generally considered to be more acceptable by message recipients. 

Priority SMS is affordable to all scales, has proven ROI for the end users, be that through revenue or customer/patient satisfaction uplifts, and is catching the marketplace on an upward trend for the use of SMS as a marketing tool. Priority SMS are unique in that we are the only SMS provider who provide a hands on, account managed service, and we do not price per text, we create a simple package that is right for our customer’s usage. 

Working with several sporting organisations already, including Arena Racing’s 15 racecourses exclusively, Priority SMS understands the needs and objectives required to retain fan loyalty and grow revenue streams. Priority SMS specialise in adding to the customer experience on a match day.  

Priority SMS also launched our new nationwide sports campaign to help sports fans in grounds report crowd anti social/racist behaviour in a method that is safe, anonymous, record-able and relevant.  We have gained an exceptional amount of interest from sports clubs nationally and internationally to help offer a safer way for people to speak up.


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LIMA have the key to a business process that could radically change the way you look at your own brand

LIMA is a somewhat unique exhibitor at SMMEX as effectively, they have no ‘product’ to sell. They will be there because they have the key to a business process that could radically change the way you look at your own brand or at brands owned by companies you admire.

LIMA is the trade association for the licensing business. The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association. Their members are owners of brands and manufacturers of consumer products, plus all sorts of businesses in between that serve these core functions. Brand owners come from many fields: TV, film, events, characters, celebrities, sports, fashion – if it’s a brand it can be licensed to third parties.

Their manufacturing members make toys, sportswear, collectables, apparel, stationery, gifts, books and magazines and thousands of other products and services. What LIMA does is to unite the two sides of this

‘licensing industry’. If you have a brand, consider finding expert manufacturers to launch consumer products bearing your brand. If you are a manufacturer but don’t have a powerful brand yourself then consider licensing in the rights to already-established brands for use on your products.

These transactions are occurring every day and their research indicates that retail sales of such licensed products in the UK are worth $12million dollar a year. Sounds intriguing? Come and see them at SMMEX 2016 and we’ll show you how you can make licensing work for your business.

Kelvyn Gardner from LIMA is one of our featured speakers at this years SMMEX 2016.

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Wall Art Images is a high quality manufacturing company creating stylish, modern acrylic Wall Art

Wall Art Images is a high quality manufacturing company creating stylish, modern acrylic Wall Art. Their in-house Design Department allows them to create individual and bespoke images in full or feature colour; perfect for the Professional Sports Leagues where brand colours can be emphasized and highlighted.

The images are then applied directly to the reverse of the 5mm diamond polished acrylic and finished with a white vinyl backing as standard to give a clear stunning appearance. All of the acrylics have rounded corners creating a sleeker feel to the product and the wall fixings allow the image to stand off the wall creating a contemporary and tasteful finish.

The Standoffs or Fixing Posts are supplied with all acrylic Wall Art free of charge and come in silver with a 13mm diameter head and a 19mm barrel. All Wall Art also comes with instructions for easy installation.

They are very much a customer-focused team and are always at the end of the phone ready to give advice and guidance. The finished product is extremely important to them, as they want it to look amazing be it in your lounge, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room or office.

The beauty of the product is it is manufactured in the UK and they can turn a ‘special goal or celebration’ in to a bespoke image and have this available online within 24 hours and delivered to your store within 3 days (subject to numbers).

The Design Service is completely free of charge and the end product is of the highest quality, come and see them for yourself ontheir stand at SMMEX 2016.

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Sheath Underwear is an innovative solution to an age-old irritation

Originally designed by an American Veteran while on tour in Iraq, Sheath Underwear is an innovative solution to an age-old irritation. Sheath’s unique interior pouch design isolates the male anatomy. It reduces chafe and temperature changes by eradicating skin to skin contact. Sheath Underwear’s expertly designed and well-crafted product ensures maximum comfort whilst the high-quality material blends, perform excellently in both the sport - with temperature control and moisture wicking technology - and daily comfort models.

Sheath Underwear has been available as one of the original pouch underwear brands, online and in boutique stores, in the USA for 5 years. Sheath is endorsed by professional athletes, including Krav Maga and the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), and is used by members of both the United States and British Army.

Sheath Underwear is now available for wholesale and retail in the UK and Europe. Once again as one of the first to bring the pouch underwear design to new heights. Over the Christmas period, for each pair sold, Sheath Underwear UK will be giving a pair to local homeless shelters and it is likely this will continue. One of the most requested items at homeless shelters is fresh underwear and Sheath feels that it is important to give back to society, especially at Christmas. It will be possible for early adopters to opt in or out of this opportunity.

Sheath Underwear provides functionality where it matters most. To get involved with a pioneering fashion brand with great intentions and for fantastic wholesale opportunities across all aspects of the business please visit their stand at SMMEX 2016.

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Malik Fashion Togs manufacture products utilizing the latest production techniques.

Malik Fashion Togs were established in 2006, with the slogan “We know quality” and are now among the leading manufacturers’ & exporters of all kinds of sportswear including American football uniforms, basketball uniforms, compression wears, American football gloves, sports socks, rugby wear, coaches gear, varsity jackets, sweatshirts, caps, t-shirts, sports bags and protective wears.

At Malik Fashion Togs they manufacture products utilizing the latest production techniques. Pattern designing and pattern cutting to the final checking stage are carried out using computer assistance to achieve the best results. They are specialists in sewn-on/tackle twill. Team logos, numbers, player names etc. are cut by computerized laser cutting systems & applied using the latest embroidery machines. Their sublimation unit equipped with latest printers and transfer heat beds is fully capable of converting your dream designs in to reality.

The perfect fitting, comfort and durability of their uniforms is their strength. Malik Fashion Togs is maintaining peak quality in American football gloves. Unlimited customization, silicon printed palms for extra grip and control on ball within your budget makes their gloves superior. In protective wear they make high quality integrated compression under shorts with low profile built in light weight padding system. They are committed to provide excellent quality in affordable prices.

Come and talk to them on their stand at SMMEX this February at Wembley Stadium.

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Learn about SMMEX exhibitor Ral Tekstil

Ral Tekstil will be exhibiting their latest technology sublimated kit, teamwear, cycling, rugby, running shirts based on recycled, dry comfort and organic fabric / materials from Turkey.

In their team sports group they produce sports-wears for rugby, basketball, tennis, cricket, golf, football, cycling, volleyball, handball teams and for their fans.

Among them there are predominantly polyester, polyester/spandex fibre and knitted fabrics produced by using mixed polyester. These fabrics have some optional technical characteristics such as breathability, waterproofing, sweat-proofing and the use of recycled fabrics, which is important for ecological concerns.

The productions under the Puma trademark that they produced for GB based football teams and rugby teams from 2006 then followed with ASICS and MGB, for these trademarks, which are among world’s sporting giants, their company has provided all the standards which have been foreseen by these and other powerful trademarks around the world.

All of RAL Tekstil’s components are sourced from Oeko-Tex 100 approved suppliers and as part of our environmental commitments all components regularly tested to ensure that they are free from harmful chemicals, azo dyes and all our products are guaranteed to be pvc free.

To achieve this end RAL Tekstil subscribes to and endeavors to have their business partners subscribe to a series of principles when conducting business.

Come and talk to them on their stand at SMMEX this February to find out more about them.

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Read about SMMEX exhibitor Fruit of the Loom

SMMEX 2016 will see Fruit of the Loom showcase its greatly expanded range of Fruit Active Performance wear.

The brand’s Performance T’s were only introduced in 2013 and have proved incredibly popular with more vibrant colours added in 2014.  Now Fruit of the Loom has taken the range several steps further introducing vests, polos and shorts in the same superb moisture wicking fabric. 

Designed to perform, only the highest quality fabric is used to make Fruit of the Loom’s Performance range.  Every garment is constructed from 100% textured polyester (140gm/m²), with ‘Cool Wear’ technology to ensure the wearer stays cool, dry and comfortable. The entire Performance range is perfect for sublimation and screen printing, providing a multitude of branding options for men, ladies and kids, with excellent print quality results.

The new men’s Performance Shorts are available in four colours, White, Black, Red and Deep Navy while the Performance Polo and new Lady-Fit Performance Polo come in five colours; White, Black, Red, Royal Blue and Deep Navy.  You can find the men’s and ladies T-shirts and Vests in nine colours, the same five colours as the polo plus Fuchsia, Azure Blue, Lime and Bright Yellow.  

Kids don’t miss out either, with the Kids Performance T available in the same nine colours as the adult versions and the new Kids Performance Shorts in the same four colours as the men’s Performance Shorts.

A new brochure entitled Fruit Active is now available showing all colours and styles, come and collect from our stand at SMMEX this February at Wembley Stadium.

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Russell Europe

SMMEX 2016 will see Russell showcase a number of product lines that span the sportswear /corporatewear markets from activewear to stylish uniforms for retail and promotional outlets.  Visitors will be able to see the brands expanded HDT range, Russell Collection shirts, Authentic Sweatshirts and technical jackets.

Having expanded the colour range of its Crew Neck HD T last year, in 2016 the brand has gone even further by introducing new V- Neck and Long Sleeve versions for both men and ladies.  And that’s not all, Russell has also recognised the importance of having both boys and girls styles in the collection introducing 6 new styles with sizes from juniors to teens.  Visitors to SMMEX will be able to see the full range, which with its superior printability is a perfect partner for sports promotions.

Russell is renowned throughout the industry for its Russell Collection shirts and these will feature prominently at the show.

On the track or field Russell’s Authentic Sweats and technical jackets have been keeping sportsmen and women warm in style for a number of years. Three styles of Authentic Sweats are available which use the latest fabrics and features such as flat drawcords, buttonhole eyelets and MP3 earphone access. 

Visitors will also be able to see Russell’s range of sportswear jackets including the 520 Sport Shell 5000 jacket.  Water resistant and breathable it has a durable water repellent finish.  Engineered for high activity it consists of natural stretch fabric for maximum body response yet still provides a sleek silhouette.


Visit Russell’s stand for high quality, fashionable activewear and for more details.

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Held within the iconic Wembley Stadium, SMMEX provides your business with a platform to network and strike up partnerships with the biggest sports clubs, associations, retailers, tourist attractions, corporate brands and universities from across UK and beyond.

Now in our 19th year SMMEX helps key decision makers find new ways of increasing revenue, promote their brand, interact with fans and corporate clients, source new branded training aids and apparel, improve the effectiveness of their retail outlets and find new merchandise. Everything and anything that has impact on their audience!

SMMEX 2017 will again be holding its programme of industry leading seminars to educate and inspire our visitors and exhibitors alike. With speakers from elite football clubs to the changing face of social media we are both increasing the shows audience and guaranteeing our exhibitors access to leading figures in their fields.

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